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August 26, 2012

REUNION 2013!!!

We are getting revved up for a spectacular 45 & 46 reunion next year!
Can you believe we are all in our 60s? Wow! and SS age to boot! Well, these old foggies from the 60s know how to party! And we need your input for our next reunion... so go to the POLL link on the side and click away.

Some suggested a cruise at the last reunion... this would give more time to visit. Mark Landry did some preliminary checking and it looks like most of the cruises out of Baltimore to the Bahamas are for 7 days and I think he said leaves on Saturday. Which would mean we would cruise (optional) a week before and come back (hopefully relaxed) on the following Saturday for the actual reunion. Sound like a lot to me... what do you think?

Any other suggestions as to other activities so we can have more time to hang out and visit? Sight Seeing Tour of DC? Baltimore?

I sent out an email blast. If you did not receive it, you probably are not on the email list. Email me (Bob Richardson) at bob@rwrmar...
September 12, 2011


Mark Landry proves that miracles do happen... with a little bit of hard work! With the help of his son, Mark Landry has put together an amazing 75 page, full color memory book of our 40th & 41st class reunion held June 28. 2008. It has classmate bios, before & after pics, demographics of where everyone is now, comments from classmates, memorial page, fun facts, and more!

We also have the class picture ready - a group shot of all in attendance. 8x11.75 color photo. See if you can name everyone in the photo!

The Memory Book & Photo are FREE to all that purchased a ticket to the reunion and $20 contribution that will go towards our next reunion for anyone else that would like a copy. These are collector items! Priceless!

We have most attendees addresses that were used in 2008 when you signed up or 2009 if you completed the Order Memory Book link on left side. I took addresses from the Classmate page of this site, so if you updated your address information on the site, it should...
April 3, 2011

We're still here!

Kay Kavanaugh Winkler's book.
Kay Kavanaugh Winkler's book.
It has been a LONG time since posting here... this site is still here and your source of info on class happenings...
Not a lot going on (that I know of) to report. Class of '71 is having their 40th reunion this Oct. 14 - 16... find out more here. Kay Kavenaugh Winkler published her first children's book a few months ago... title "The Creepy Tree". Featured in USA Book News and can be purchased here. I (Bob Richardson) vacationed in Charleston, SC last summer with my brother Don Richardson - and hooked up with Peggy Curry Watt for dinner while there. She & her husband relocated from Annapolis to Charleston. Dave Shrum, who relocated to Huntsville, AL a couple years ago, retired last month... then 3 weeks later decided to go back to work (got an offer he couldn't refuse, I guess)... I heard from Dave Rogers in Alaska... sounds like all is well up there - he lives near George Reifenstein. Jill Spurway lives further north in Palin territory - Wasilla, Alaska.
March 12, 2010

Big Birthday Year for Class of '68!

Mike (Smitty) Smith
Mike (Smitty) Smith
Who would've thought we'd be this old! Most everyone in Class of '68 has turned or will turn 60 this year! Class of '67 is already there.... For some reason, 60 doesn't seem that old any more. Unless I look in the mirror, I could swear I was much younger!

How about you? Do you feel like you thought 60 would feel? Leave a comment on this blog.

Not much class news to report. Karen Kessecker Shellenberger emailed me a couple weeks ago... she's coming out to CA next Feb. Got me thinking that maybe we should have a little West Coast party next Feb. Let me know if interested. Last year Karen came out and Christy Hyler, Steve Lane, and Karen met at my house for dinner. Party in S. CA next Feb??

Mike (Smitty) Smith emailed me a couple weeks ago... actually, he forwarded an email about strokes... Just emailing is an accomplishment for Mike!... emailing about strokes goes with the title of this blog!

Look me up on Facebook []- there are about 30+ clas...
September 28, 2009

Mary Leffler (Walker) Passed Away


Hi Bob,


I’m sorry to share this very sad news (and am not sure if you’ve already heard) but Mary Leffler Walker passed away on September 19th.   Carol O’Connell Harman and I attended her funeral service in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware on Saturday.  Here is the obituary: 


Mary Louise Leffler Walker
Beloved mother and inspirational educator Mary Louise Leffler Walker died September 19th in Colorado after a long, scrappy struggle with breast cancer. She was 58.
In Colorado, West Virginia and Delaware, Mary taught special education, won teaching awards and worked as a school principal. In addition to her passion for helping children learn, Mary could light up a room with her dazzling smile and infectious laugh.
Mary is survived by her three children, Kristie Betts Letter (husband Bobby), Nathan Walker (wife Melissa) and Jonathan Kim Walker; grandchildren Ella Rose Walker, Madeleine Louise Sargent, Penelope Mary Letter, Shane Kelly, Briannah Letter, and Kade Let...

August 16, 2009


Where are they now?
Where are they now?
Check out the new poll on Healthcare... share the link with your friends so we can get more feedback to see what others are thinking. Got a poll question you want to add? Let me (Bob Richardson) know... Your feedback is always welcomed! Use the Contact Us form or email me directly.

Also check out the NEW "Where are they now" map - get to it from the Classmates page... click on "Where are they now" button. If you've moved in last year, update your address on your profile.
July 22, 2009

Running in Alaska

Mark Landry (rt) & Jill Spurway Carricaburu - Wasilla, Alaska
Mark Landry (rt) & Jill Spurway Carricaburu - Wasilla, Alaska
 Mark Landry just sent me this picture of him (right), Jill Spurway Carricaburu (center) and Mark's running buddy Charlie (lft). Taken in Wasilla, Alaska. Mark was in town running in a Marathon (he travels the globe running) and hooked up with Jill. Jill went to Churchill but left Senior year (class of 68)... she considers herself a Bulldog to the end - even if she didn't graduate with us. Jill (Spurway) attended our 40th reunion last year and won the prize for traveling the farthest -- beating out George Reifenstein who flew in from Juneau, Alaska. Guess who else is from Wasilla? (hint - she didn't go to school with us and just quit her day job). Jill just added her profile on the Classmate page - check it out.

Barbara Norcross Peckham is on a mission... she is working on THE Plan - which includes purchasing a pickup truck, a travel trailer, maps of the country... She is planning a road trip. You go girl! Follow her adventure on FaceBook.

Just heard from Jimmy Perrin......
July 6, 2009

Where are they now?

Just added a new feature to this site... Where Are They Now .... go to the "Classmates" page and click on "Where are they now?" button... you will get a map of the country and list of names (that filled out their profile) - click on a name and see where they live (city & state).
July 6, 2009

Has it been a year already!?

Priscilla Walker (Joyner) & Mark Landry Prom
Priscilla Walker (Joyner) & Mark Landry Prom
Holy calendar, Batman! Hard to believe just over a year ago was the reunion! I know many of us have hooked up on Facebook. And many of us have gotten together after the reunion with long lost HS friends. I know I enjoy getting your emails - even if they are saying, "Where the heck is the Memory Book!?".

Regarding the Memory Book... we figured the longer we wait, the more you will forget, then when you do get the book (still not completed), it will mean more to you. If you got it too soon after the reunion, you'd thumb through it, then stick it somewhere, and that would be that... this way you'll jump up and down with joy just to receive it and then realize how much you forgot about the reunion, and then want to keep it on your coffee table to reflect back on. :-)

Don't have much class news to report... that I know of. I know I owe Cathy Baker Schafer a beer (or chi tea) because she caught more fish on her fishing trip than I did... Also heard from Priscilla Walker Joyner - sh...
March 1, 2009

The Fun Continues

Bob, Steve, Karen & Christie
Bob, Steve, Karen & Christie
Wow! Been a long time since I wrote something here! Doesn't mean things aren't happening (just means I'm lazy!).
A few weeks ago, Karen Kesecker Shellenberger and her husband, John and daughter, Michele were in town (meaning in S. CA) and we got together at my house for a BBQ. Christie Hyler Volanski and her husband, another John, drove up from San Diego, and Steve Lane came down from Marina del Rey. We had a great time catching up - since we didn't get to talk at reunion... and Michele volunteered to be bar tender and made some mean Cosmos!! Posted a few pictures in the Classmate Album.

Andy Hatch sent me a couple pictures he found while sifting through some old stuff... one pic is Andy, Jim Kirch, & me at the beach (I assume OC). Another is Jimmy Perrin at the beach. I just put these pics on Classmate album.

Pope Burr sent me some PDF files of some old Churchill documents that are interesting... I'm still figuring out best way to get those up on site as PDFs along with...
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