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August 10, 2018

This Reunion Is Going to be HUGE!

Just over one month out and we have over 60 people paid!

We are just getting started and ticket sales are coming in non-stop! This is one reunion you don't want to miss! This is a milestone reunion for all of us - the 49th reunion for 1969 class, 50th reunion for the class of 1968, and the 51st reunion for the first graduating class - 1967!

PLUS, this is the FIRST TIME all 3 classes are getting together! Stay tuned... more to come!


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August 7, 2018


Millers Ale House - 1471 Rockville Pike - Near the Hilton Hotel!

Get ready to kick off the reunion at Millers Ale House! We'll provide the appetizers... you can buy your own drinks and or dinner (if you aren't full from the appetizers!). Starting around 7 PM - we have saved some space in the room off the main bar area. Look for the green & blue balloons... or a bunch of old folks acting like teenagers!

This is a great ice-breaker time to meet old friends and make new friends. Then come Saturday night, it will be like you know everyone! See you at Miller's Friday Night!

If staying at the Hilton, meet in the lobby area around 6:30 and we can walk to Miller's Ale House together.


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July 30, 2018

Is the ticket price keeping you from attending?

We want you to come and be part of this historic reunion. Don't let the price of the ticket keep you from attending. We have special funds set up to help you with your ticket. The Jim Wise Ticket Assistance fund will purchase your ticket for you, or let you buy a discounted ticket based on your budget.

If you are from the class of 1967, not only will a special fund pay for your ticket, it will also pay for your spouse's ticket and up to $200 each toward travel expenses to get to the reunion!

The reunion will be better off if you attend! Both funds are totally anonymous. See the website for more information. 

Don't let the price of a ticket keep you from this experience!


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July 28, 2018

Book your rooms!

We only have a limited number of rooms reserved at the Hilton for the reunion at the special rate of $99 + tax. If you wait too long, the room rate will jump to $130 + tax or higher. After August 28th the special room rate goes away.

Same for The Commander Hotel in OC. We were able to get a block of rooms at a discounted rate of $119 (overlooking the pool) or $149 (ocean view) plus tax. Don't wait until the last minute to book! We will have a hospitality suite at The Commander for all reunion guests. It will be stocked with water, juices, snacks, and more.


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June 21, 2018

It's Getting Closer!!!

The 3-Class Mega Reunion is coming along nicely!
There is a lot of excitement growing as we get closer to the date! This represents the 49th year reunion for the class of 1969, the 50th year reunion for the class of 1968, and the 51st year reunion for the first graduating class - the class of 1967!!!

Thanks to the many generous donations, we will be able to throw one heck of a party! We may be a little older now, but we will party like it was 1965!


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July 16, 2017


The date is set! Mega 3-class Reunion will be September 15, 2018! Make your vacation plans accordingly! More to come....


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May 29, 2014

Back in the Saddle


Just wanted to do a quick post so you know we are still here... alive and kicking! Hard to believe it's been almost 9 months since the last reunion. Took a few months to decompress. Mark Landry is already talking about our 50/51 yr reunion. He has some cool ideas that will make it truly unique. We'll need more help as we get closer, so let us know if you want to be part of the behind the scenes planning committee.

Speaking of 50th year anniversaries...
Churchill HS turns 50 this year! I and Marjee Greenwood were interviewed by a Churchill Observer reporter about what it was like back then. I don't know if the article came out - reporter said she would notify us. I'll put a link if I get one. 50 years ago many of us stepped foot into Potomac HS - later named Winston Churchill HS! 

I'll try to post here now and then to keep you updated on any class news and 50/51 reunion updates. 

Enjoy your summmer! Keep in touch!

Bob Richardson  -


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October 6, 2013

Best Reunion Ever!!

2013 Reunion Group Shot by Bill & Claudia Seelig
2013 Reunion Group Shot by Bill & Claudia Seelig
Well, we did it! Great reunion! Lot of fun, lot of memories shared, and a lot of new memories made! We were all kids again for one weekend. We were literally "back in school" Friday night and at the football game Friday night. Although the Bulldogs lost to Wootton 0-41, we all had a great time and great BBQ!
Saturday night, we danced like a bunch of teenagers in a school gym - although we weren't quite teenagers, and we were at the Rockville Hilton - not the school gym. LOL
You can see pictures on my DropBox HERE
Stay tuned for more pictures, videos and more! Relive "The Best Reunion Ever!!"


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September 2, 2013

Good News and Bad News!

First the Bad News -- John Maddert told me the hotel said all our "blocked" rooms for reunion have been sold out.
Now the Good News -- All the blocked rooms for the reunion have been SOLD OUT!! It's party time at the Hilton!! They still have rooms available - so hurry and make your reservations... we are trying to add some more rooms to our "block" - fixed price $89 + taxes (which are high)... etc... If you book a room, tell them you are there for the Churchill Reunion... even if you don't get one of the blocked rooms, make sure you get discounted parking (I think it is $8) and any other perks that come with our blocked rooms.
Don't drink and drive! Come have fun, enjoy 2 hours open bar... book a room.
August 18, 2013

It's a Reunion! This time around.

A friend said not too long ago, we just had a reunion, our 40th, He was going to wait until the 50th to come.
That's just the point, time flys and before you know it, you might not be able to make it to a reunion at all.
I was so glad to see faces and visit with those not seen in 20-or more-years. Sadly, several of those same faces are no longer with us.
This time around, many are coming who didn't have a chance to come to the last reunion. The list of names will soon be published.
Even so, who knows what might prevent you from coming to the next big reunion in five years: weddings, anniversaries, or even deaths?
So if you are physically able, and don't want regrets; make every effort to  be there , this time around.
--Mark Landry
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