Commander Hotel
Commander Hotel
Ocean City After Reunion Party Poll
We need your input for the next reunion. These are preliminary questions to give us a feel for what the majority would like.

There will be an informal "After Party" in Ocean City, MD to give us time to relax, visit, and remember the good 'ole days. This is optional for those that may want to go to OC.

Mark Landry went to Ocean City to scout locations and has come up with two hotels that look good. The Howard Johnson Oceanfront Plaza on 12th St. and The Commander Hotel on 14th St... Both look good and each has their own perks. The poll below is to help us firm up the hotel and secure a block of rooms. Both hotels require a 3-night minimum stay for the discounted rate. That would mean Sunday-Thurs stay. Both have rooms starting at $135 per night including tax, on up to $160 for ocean front rooms.

Please fill out the poll below. If you are going or thinking about going, fill in the follow-up questions 4-9. Thanks!

(Shown above is the Commander Hotel. This Poll only lets me upload one image)

1) Will you attend a 2-4 day after reunion party in Ocean City?
Yes! Definitely will attend
Maybe will attend
Probably will not attend
Definitely will not attend
2) If coming or possibly coming, how many in your party?
1 - just me

3) Are you
4) Which graduating class are you?

5) If coming, will you stay at the hotel we pick - $130 - $150 per night?
No - I'll stay somewhere else
6) Discounted rates require a 3-night stay. Will you stay
3 or more nights
2 nights
1 night
Not sure

7) How will you get to Ocean City?
My own car
Ride with someone
Not sure
8) Would you like to share a room with someone?
No, I prefer my own room.
Yes, I would like to share a room.
Maybe.. not sure right now.