The 3-Class MEGA REUNION needs your help! To pull off the biggest reunion, we need your generous donations. 
Donations help:
• Have a 2-hour Happy Hour with FREE DRINKS and hors d'ouevres. 
• Have festive decorations.
• Help with misc. expenses such as transportation to extracurricular events
• Have a professional DJ to play the songs on our request list.
• Allow us to keep ticket prices low so more can attend.
• Provide a little seed money for our 55th reunion!
• Help pay for this website hosting
• and many other items that will make the reunion the best ever!!
Categories are:

$25 - $99 = Friend
$100 - $249 = Supporter
$250 - $499 = Sponsor*
$500 - $700 = Bulldog**
$701 - $999 = Super Dog**
$1,000 - $2,499 = Super-Duper Dog**
$2,500 or more = Top Dog***

*gets special recognition! 
** even more recognition throughout event!
***Let's just say EVERYONE will know your name by the time we are done with you!
Refenstein ('68) & Tod Theros ('68) have gone in together to sponsored the Happy Hour with their generous donation of $2,500! Everyone will raise their glasses and toast George & Tod for their generosity! Free drinks thanks to George & Tod!!

Thank you to other donors - You can see the list below.

We prefer checks since 100% of your donation comes to us... but for your convenience, we have arranged for you to contribute online (a 5% fee is deducted from amount contributed unless you elect to cover that cost in your donation)
Make check payable to: Churchill Reunion 40
Mail to:
Bob Richardson
Churchill Reunion
9452 Hingham Dr.
Huntington Beach, CA 92646
Email Bob Richardson ( or use Contact Us on sidebar to let us know your commitment to donate and name you would like listed. Then mail us your check. THANKS!!!
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Total Collected$ 11,933

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Goal: $ 12,000
Total Collected:
$ 11,933

Recent Contributors

Carol Harman Amount: $ 104.68 Date Received: 09/10/2018
"Supporter always! "
Susan Willis Amount: $ 156.63 Date Received: 09/9/2018
"Looking forward to seeing everyone! Use this donation where ever it is needed most."
Anonymous Amount: $ 104.68 Date Received: 09/6/2018
Larry Tanenbaum Date Received: 09/2/2018
"Supporter. Happy to support the reunion. Looking forward to seeing everyone."
Bob Harris Amount: $ 200.00 Date Received: 09/1/2018
"Supporter! A donation for the benefit of all!"
Kathy Garcia Pegues Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 08/30/2018
"Supporter! Looking forward to seeing everyone!"
Deb Hoffman Amount: $ 260.52 Date Received: 08/29/2018
"50 years! Can't wait to see everyone and catch up!"
Jake Kreeger Amount: $ 25.00 Date Received: 08/27/2018
"Friend! Looking forward to seeing everyone again!"
Anonymous Amount: $ 50.00 Date Received: 08/23/2018
"Friend! For the Jim Wise Ticket Fund!"
Susan Baker Amount: $ 25.00 Date Received: 08/20/2018
"Friend!! Counting the minutes!!"
Jean Toula Robinson Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 08/15/2018
"Supporter!! Go Bulldogs! See you there!"
Lisa Coultas Hargreaves Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 08/14/2018
"Supporter!! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion!"
Joe Harland Amount: $ 250.00 Date Received: 08/10/2018
"Sponsor!! Donation for the Jim Wise ticket fund. Looking forward to the reunion!"
Alice Rigas Busch Amount: $ 250.00 Date Received: 08/7/2018
"Sponsor!! Can't wait to see everyone!"
Merle Silverman Amount: $ 156.63 Date Received: 08/6/2018
"Happy to be coming, happy to see everyone!"
Harold Seelig Amount: $ 125.00 Date Received: 08/5/2018
"Supporter! Got a dog sitter - I'll be there!"
Bill Kurz Amount: $ 25.00 Date Received: 08/3/2018
"Friend! See you there!"
Kathy Hintz Amount: $ 75.00 Date Received: 07/31/2018
"For the Jim Wise Ticket Assistance Fund"
David Kator Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 07/20/2018
"Supporter! This donation is for the Jim Wise Ticket Fund. Unfortunately, I can not attend."
Marc Fallow Amount: $ 1,000.00 Date Received: 07/12/2018
"Super-Duper-Dog!!! $750 for the reunion, $250 towards Jim Wise Ticket Assistance Fund!"
John Webster Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 07/6/2018
"Supporter! Sorry I can't be there this year, but wanted to contribute to the fun!"
Karen Wise Amount: $ 250.00 Date Received: 07/3/2018
"Sponsor! Donated in my brother's, Jim Wise's, name to go for the Jim Wise Ticket Assistance Fund!"
Jane Cunliffe Aylor Amount: $ 208.57 Date Received: 06/26/2018
"50 years?!? 😳"
Don Richardson Amount: $ 364.42 Date Received: 06/25/2018
"For the DJ"
Debbie Stratton Mott Amount: $ 500.00 Date Received: 06/20/2018
"Bulldog!! Looking forward to the fun!!!"
Jim Perrin Amount: $ 350.00 Date Received: 06/14/2018
"Sponsor! Here is 1/2 of DJ. Looking for a partner to sponsor the DJ!"
Sallie Martin Foley Amount: $ 500.00 Date Received: 06/8/2018
"Bulldog!! Excited for this Mega Reunion!!"
Mike Schaeffer Amount: $ 250.00 Date Received: 06/5/2018
"Sponsor!!It will great to see friends from all 3 classes!"
John Wood Amount: $ 260.52 Date Received: 06/4/2018
David Kator Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 06/3/2018
"Supporter! Looking forward to the reunion!"
Dan Briddell Amount: $ 250.00 Date Received: 06/3/2018
"Sponsor. Here's to a great 3-class Mega Reunion!"
Beverly Sweeny Amount: $ 260.52 Date Received: 05/8/2018
"Excited to attend this reunion! "
Marilyn Briggs West Amount: $ 1,000.00 Date Received: 05/7/2018
"Super-Duper Dog!! Here's to a great reunion!"
Janelle (Grace) Sherfy Straszheim Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 05/7/2018
"Supporter! See you in September!"
Kathy Hintz Amount: $ 50.00 Date Received: 05/6/2018
"Friend! Looking forward to a great reunion!!"
Leslie Cohn Wilson Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 04/12/2018
"Supporter! Can't wait! This will be the best reunion ever!!"
George Reifenstein Amount: $ 1,250.00 Date Received: 03/17/2018
"Happy Hour Co-Sponsor with Tod Theros "
Newt Breese Amount: $ 1,000.00 Date Received: 03/1/2018
"Super-Duper Dog Donation!"
Tod Theros Amount: $ 1,250.00 Date Received: 02/26/2018
"Happy Hour Co-sponsor with George Refenstein"
Mike Smith Amount: $ 250.00 Date Received: 02/22/2018
Elissa Gordon Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 01/9/2017