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Friday Night?
A lot of us are flying in and staying at hotel Friday & Saturday nights. Maybe we should plan an informal gathering Friday night - more time to visit. Suggestions?
Last Post: Jun 8th 2008
Author: bobfromca
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Songs to play at reunion?
We will have a DJ that can play whatever we request. Do you have a favorite song you want played.

Reply here and I (Bob Richardson) will start compiling a list.
Last Post: Jun 5th 2008
Author: bobfromca
# of posts: 3
Getting to the Picnic
Hello Classmates: Depending on how many of us are out of towners. and staying at the Doubletree---would it make sense to rent a small bus or limo to go to the picnic? Although I was born in Md. and...
Last Post: May 3rd 2008
Author: carolfree
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Have the girls wear their cheerleading/pompom costumes.
Last Post: Apr 25th 2008
Author: Marklandry
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in order for us to see each classmate at the reunion, we could present (diploma style) each of us across the stage in a quick and painless manner, thanking them for attending
Last Post: Apr 14th 2008
Author: crawford
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class of 69
why don't you officially include the class of 69
Last Post: Mar 18th 2008
Author: ashulman
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