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Horses and Potomac, in the 60s
Rob Blasdel's blog about Potomac boys and their cars in the 60s is the inspiration for this new topic -- b/c I think there were a bunch of us that had passion for a different kind of horsepower...
Last Post: Jan 24th 2013
Author: jstraszheim
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Our French teachers were adorable at least mine were...Mr Draper was practically demented. I liked the Earth Science teacher , he was a great guy. So was Mr Griggs and Terry Amdur...Mrs Bish was a...
Last Post: Jan 9th 2009
Author: MarcF
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The Boys Beauty Pageant
I think this was our senior year? The boys dressed like girls for a beauty pageant. I don't remember much, just that it was too funny for words. I think I wet my pants when Stanley Burley came on...
Last Post: Oct 31st 2008
Author: Barb1968
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Remember When...
Going to Hot Shoppes in Bethesda after football games - to the outside service. Cars cruising Hot Shoppes.
Last Post: Oct 14th 2008
Author: bobfromca
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4th Grade Potomac Elementary Picture
My guesses for some of the blanks:

4th Row

#4- Carl Bauersfield

#5- Roger Flynn, lived at the corner of Travilah and River Rds. Later killed by a speeding car...
Last Post: Jun 7th 2008
Author: rob
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Stanley Burley's Band
Stanley Burley played in the band, "The Dynamics".

Howard Beckler knew the Ashe brothers ,also of the band. He helped set up the band the night we had a dance planned at the BCC...
Last Post: May 31st 2008
Author: mlandry
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Baxter's Boathouse
Last Post: Apr 16th 2008
Author: mitch
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