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Our daughter's semester in Anjou, France
As a French minor or major, K.U. has an exchange program with a University at Angers, in the old provence of Anjou (of the pear). It's tucked under Brittany and Normandy, very wet and green part of...
Last Post: Jun 18th 2008
Author: Marklandry
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Test: beach in Pennsylvania
What beach in Pennsylvania has decidiuous trees and life guard stands like Ocean City? Presque Isle by Erie. There is annual marathon here in September the weekend after Labor Day when the guards are...
Last Post: Jun 17th 2008
Author: marklandry
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Potomac Celtic Festival - 6/14/08 - Leesburg VA
This year is the 15th Annual Potomac Celtic Festival on 6/14/2008. http : // www . potomaccelticfest . org/
This is our second year on the Mansion grounds at Morven Plantation, and the...
Last Post: Jun 5th 2008
Author: susanharrietbaker
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Outdoor Adventures
I would like to hear from river runners, horse packers, mule people, boat guys, hunters, fisherman, backpackers or any one else that has grand adventures to talk about.
Last Post: May 27th 2008
Author: Imus
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Grateful Dead
Are there any Dead Heads out there in Bulldog land? Relate your experiences at unusal shows and venues.
Last Post: May 17th 2008
Author: scoimo
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Original Bulldogs
It would be great to hear from classmates of the class of 1967; too much time has passed by and it would be nice to stay in touch via emails, etc.
Last Post: Apr 8th 2008
Author: mitch
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Melvin Crawford!
Melvin Crawford! and Gene Lefeged! Glad to see you sign up for reunion! Let me know your email - if you have one - so I can send you updates! Looking forward to seeing you at the reunion! -- Bob
Last Post: Mar 10th 2008
Author: bobfromca
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