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March 1, 2009

The Fun Continues

Bob, Steve, Karen & Christie
Bob, Steve, Karen & Christie
Wow! Been a long time since I wrote something here! Doesn't mean things aren't happening (just means I'm lazy!).
A few weeks ago, Karen Kesecker Shellenberger and her husband, John and daughter, Michele were in town (meaning in S. CA) and we got together at my house for a BBQ. Christie Hyler Volanski and her husband, another John, drove up from San Diego, and Steve Lane came down from Marina del Rey. We had a great time catching up - since we didn't get to talk at reunion... and Michele volunteered to be bar tender and made some mean Cosmos!! Posted a few pictures in the Classmate Album.

Andy Hatch sent me a couple pictures he found while sifting through some old stuff... one pic is Andy, Jim Kirch, & me at the beach (I assume OC). Another is Jimmy Perrin at the beach. I just put these pics on Classmate album.

Pope Burr sent me some PDF files of some old Churchill documents that are interesting... I'm still figuring out best way to get those up on site as PDFs along with some PDF's Marjie Andrea Greenwood sent me before the reunion! Marjie is still having some problems with her knee following a fall. Looks like a replacement knee is in the works.

John Webster emailed to let me know he finally retired... he did something with GM - John, was that a forced retirement! :-)

On a sad note, just got word that fellow classmate Lynn Counselman passed away this past January. Evidently she had some sort of illness for past year. See In Memoriam for more info.

Mary Lefler Walker is evidently doing well and still in remission. She has been in email contact with Dave Shrum (who is moving to Alabama!).

Facebook seems the place to be to meet fellow classmates. The alumni list keeps growing! If you're on Facebook - add me - Bob Richardson - as a friend! Do a search for Churchill High School. Susan Baker seems to spend a lot of time there!! Remember Walter Henry or Andy Hu? Fellow alum that are on Facebook.

Memory Book & Photo - what's the story? Fact or fiction? Well.... we are still working on 'em. I got a bunch of excuses... but who cares. Bottom line is we dropped the ball - but hopefully will pick it up again soon! Be patient... they will get done!

I know there is more news... but I'll save it for the next post - so check back.
-- Bob Richardson
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