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July 6, 2009

Has it been a year already!?

Priscilla Walker (Joyner) & Mark Landry Prom
Priscilla Walker (Joyner) & Mark Landry Prom
Holy calendar, Batman! Hard to believe just over a year ago was the reunion! I know many of us have hooked up on Facebook. And many of us have gotten together after the reunion with long lost HS friends. I know I enjoy getting your emails - even if they are saying, "Where the heck is the Memory Book!?".

Regarding the Memory Book... we figured the longer we wait, the more you will forget, then when you do get the book (still not completed), it will mean more to you. If you got it too soon after the reunion, you'd thumb through it, then stick it somewhere, and that would be that... this way you'll jump up and down with joy just to receive it and then realize how much you forgot about the reunion, and then want to keep it on your coffee table to reflect back on. :-)

Don't have much class news to report... that I know of. I know I owe Cathy Baker Schafer a beer (or chi tea) because she caught more fish on her fishing trip than I did... Also heard from Priscilla Walker Joyner - she's doing well in FL. - offered her house if we want to have a Churchill Party - so kegger at Priscilla's! She sent me the picture I posted on this blog of her Prom date with Mark Landry... (You probably remember - Priscilla was voted Best Looking Class of '68 - how did Mark get a date with her?) Speaking of - Mark just graduated with a degree in Anthropology! Tell me what a Podiatrist will do with an Anthropology degree?? Congrats, Mark - you're a better man than me! I don't know if I could handle going back to school and take tests....  Dave Shrum recently moved from MD to New Market, Alabama - left his VP position at Northrop Grumman and is now working for a smaller defense contractor. Walt Havenstein was CEO of BAE Systems (a huge company) and it was just announced he is leaving BAE to become CEO of SAIC (another huge company).

Karen Kessecker Shellenberger and Sue Cooper Willis recently got together. Bev Caywood Sweeny finally got her profile up on this website... sounds like she turned into a dog?? Marjie Greenwood is still recovering from her knee surgery but doing well. Phil Jehle is on summer break from teaching - soon to retire. Peggy Curry Watt recently moved to Charleston, SC.. Susan Baker has been keeping busy in MD doing Celtic Dancing at festivals. Leslie Cohn Wilson has had several showing of her water color artwork in northern CA. You can check out her paintings on her website

Catch up on more news on classmates on FaceBook... Churchill even has a Group page... my Facebook address is - add me as a friend...

Send me your news - I'll post it in this blog... or you can add it to the Message Board. Or... comment on this blog (click "add a new comment" below).

Till next time.... Bob Richardson
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