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July 22, 2009

Running in Alaska

Mark Landry (rt) & Jill Spurway Carricaburu - Wasilla, Alaska
Mark Landry (rt) & Jill Spurway Carricaburu - Wasilla, Alaska
 Mark Landry just sent me this picture of him (right), Jill Spurway Carricaburu (center) and Mark's running buddy Charlie (lft). Taken in Wasilla, Alaska. Mark was in town running in a Marathon (he travels the globe running) and hooked up with Jill. Jill went to Churchill but left Senior year (class of 68)... she considers herself a Bulldog to the end - even if she didn't graduate with us. Jill (Spurway) attended our 40th reunion last year and won the prize for traveling the farthest -- beating out George Reifenstein who flew in from Juneau, Alaska. Guess who else is from Wasilla? (hint - she didn't go to school with us and just quit her day job). Jill just added her profile on the Classmate page - check it out.

Barbara Norcross Peckham is on a mission... she is working on THE Plan - which includes purchasing a pickup truck, a travel trailer, maps of the country... She is planning a road trip. You go girl! Follow her adventure on FaceBook.

Just heard from Jimmy Perrin... he's doing well in Memphis - happily retired. He wanted my input on a political matter - he being a conservative and me being a moderate liberal... At least we can agree to disagree. :-)

Sallie Martin Foley just had a birthday (July 16 - Rick Bartlett also had BDay on 16th)... She is busy training Sex Therapists at UM (Univ. of Michigan?)... Maybe I should audit that class! Happy Birthday Sallie & Rick!

I'm going to MD next week (7/30 - 8/3) for a family get together. Get to experience East Coast humidity! I may hook up with Phil Jehle if he's in town.

That's it for now. Enjoy the summer! - Bobby Richardson

P.S. Leave a "comment" here (below) and let us know what you're doing for fun this summer.
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