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April 3, 2011

We're still here!

Kay Kavanaugh Winkler's book.
Kay Kavanaugh Winkler's book.
It has been a LONG time since posting here... this site is still here and your source of info on class happenings...
Not a lot going on (that I know of) to report. Class of '71 is having their 40th reunion this Oct. 14 - 16... find out more here. Kay Kavenaugh Winkler published her first children's book a few months ago... title "The Creepy Tree". Featured in USA Book News and can be purchased here. I (Bob Richardson) vacationed in Charleston, SC last summer with my brother Don Richardson - and hooked up with Peggy Curry Watt for dinner while there. She & her husband relocated from Annapolis to Charleston. Dave Shrum, who relocated to Huntsville, AL a couple years ago, retired last month... then 3 weeks later decided to go back to work (got an offer he couldn't refuse, I guess)... I heard from Dave Rogers in Alaska... sounds like all is well up there - he lives near George Reifenstein. Jill Spurway lives further north in Palin territory - Wasilla, Alaska.
BJ Hugueley Judd emailed asking about the Memory Book... BJ lives in FL - said her brother Tony Hugueley and sister in law, Suzi, were there for a visit last month.
The elusive Memory Book... not off the table... but it's been nearly 3 years now and not much closer to putting it together. We may get it done by our next reunion! Speaking of... when do you want to have another reunion party? 45 yr. reunion in 2013? Need to start planning.
Mike "Smitty" Smith has me on his email list and I either get informational (how to tell if you're having a stroke) or dirty jokes emails. :-)   Got a note from Andy Hatch - recently changed his email - so did Bill Beam & Karen Kessler Shellenberger (who was out here in S. CA. in Feb. and didn't come see me! You're forgiven, Karen... but better come see me next time!
If you have any news to share, email me or use Contact Us link on this site. If there is news, I will post more here... but just because this site sits dormant for awhile, doesn't mean we aren't here!
Enjoy the Spring!
Bob Richardson
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