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September 12, 2011


Mark Landry proves that miracles do happen... with a little bit of hard work! With the help of his son, Mark Landry has put together an amazing 75 page, full color memory book of our 40th & 41st class reunion held June 28. 2008. It has classmate bios, before & after pics, demographics of where everyone is now, comments from classmates, memorial page, fun facts, and more!

We also have the class picture ready - a group shot of all in attendance. 8x11.75 color photo. See if you can name everyone in the photo!

The Memory Book & Photo are FREE to all that purchased a ticket to the reunion and $20 contribution that will go towards our next reunion for anyone else that would like a copy. These are collector items! Priceless!

We have most attendees addresses that were used in 2008 when you signed up or 2009 if you completed the Order Memory Book link on left side. I took addresses from the Classmate page of this site, so if you updated your address information on the site, it should be current. If you moved in last couple years, please send me your NEW ADDRESS! Use the Contact Us link on side links or email me (Bob Richardson) at

We will be getting these in the mail in next couple weeks, as soon as we verify mailing addresses. THANK YOU MARK for following through with this project and all the hard work you put into it!!

THANK YOU DONORS that contributed to the reunion, providing resources to make this possible! A BIG shout out to JIM WISE, our TOP DONOR, MARK LANDRY or 2nd largest donor and TOD THEROS our 3rd largest donor, and to all the other donors! Look on Our Donors! page to see who they are.

Start getting psyched up for our NEXT REUNION! It will be twice as great as our last one! Watch this website for coming information and also a POLL to see what everyone wants in the next reunion.
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