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April 1, 2008

Committees, Donations, Music, Oh My!

Wow! Is all I can say! Many of you have come through with the donations BIG TIME! THANKS!! A special thanks to MARK LANDRY & JIM (JUMBO) WISE for their BIG donations to be our SUPER-DUPER DOGS!! and to TOD THEROS who just came on board as our first BULLDOG! and to ALL of the others! We are up to $4525 so far! Hope to surpass $5,000!

Time to start thinking committees! Decoration Committee, Sign-in Committee, Picnic Committee - what else?? Katie Radford (Gorman) has been our Picnic Committee - but she can probably use some help... picnic will basically be bring your own food, drinks, etc... informal get together... ice breaker. Not much set up on our part.

Decoration Committee is a biggie! Theme? Budget? etc. Volunteers?

Sign-in Committee - organize sign-ins, name tags, dinner tickets, etc. I think Marjie Andrea (Greenwood) volunteered to help here... but she will need help.

Music! Many of you have emailed me songs you want to hear. I have the list under SONGS (very original!)... I will present list to DJ so he can be prepared. Also need any current tunes you want to hear to help add variety to music. Current to me is Every Breath You Take by Police!! So don't count on me!

Keep spreading the word! Thanks go out to Weida Walker, Chris West, Lynne Riley, Debbie Stratton, Peggy Curry, (and others) that have gone above and beyond on contacting people! Guess they are the LOCATE COMMITTEE by default!

Shaping up to be a Great party thanks to all of you!
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