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April 8, 2008

Repondez s'il vous plait

Otherwise known as RSVP! Trying to remember who said they were coming and who said they weren't is confusing my old brain... To keep things kind of straight and organized, please RSVP on this website. You can indicate Yes you are coming, No you know you can't make it, or Not Sure yet.... most of you have ventured into RSVP land and completed the quick little form... some of you have yet to go there. The way RSVP works is it keeps track of who's coming or not or not sure -- so I don't have to try and remember it all. Then puts it in an Excel file for me. Nice!

If you click Not Sure and then decide you are coming (or not) - just go back and RSVP again. I see many names on the Names Contacted list that I am pretty sure are coming but don't know for sure or if bringing a guest. If there is a number next to your name then you RSVP'd.

We need to know approx. numbers so we can finalize ticket pricing. Speaking of ticket pricing - if you want to join the ELITE and see your name in lights, become a Supporter of the reunion and donate (any amount!) - see Sponsorship page.

Thanks to ALL for helping to pull this thing together... Getting close to Party Time!

Feel free to leave comments on this Blog or use the Message Board! Or Contact me (Bob Richardson) using the Contact Us page -- or email me directly -
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