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August 26, 2012

REUNION 2013!!!

We are getting revved up for a spectacular 45 & 46 reunion next year!
Can you believe we are all in our 60s? Wow! and SS age to boot! Well, these old foggies from the 60s know how to party! And we need your input for our next reunion... so go to the POLL link on the side and click away.

Some suggested a cruise at the last reunion... this would give more time to visit. Mark Landry did some preliminary checking and it looks like most of the cruises out of Baltimore to the Bahamas are for 7 days and I think he said leaves on Saturday. Which would mean we would cruise (optional) a week before and come back (hopefully relaxed) on the following Saturday for the actual reunion. Sound like a lot to me... what do you think?

Any other suggestions as to other activities so we can have more time to hang out and visit? Sight Seeing Tour of DC? Baltimore?

I sent out an email blast. If you did not receive it, you probably are not on the email list. Email me (Bob Richardson) at to be added to the list so you won't miss future emails. Share this site with other classmates.

The ball has started to roll... going slow right now, but just wait, we will be flying soon! Keep checking back. I will post more as I have more to post. You can also view the progress on the poll.

I'll put a new poll up shortly with some new personal questions. :-)

That's it for now. -- Bob
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