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August 31, 2012

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Don't worry, we won't bombard you with emails. But as we get closer to the reunion we want to share dates, times, etc. with you. You can always come to this site for more information, but out of sight out of mind. Our emails are just another way for us to remind you about the reunion.

If not sure you are on the list or not, sign up - if you are on the list you will get a pop-up saying your are already on the list. If you received the last email saying we are starting to plan the 2013 reunion, then you are on the list.

For the curious techies... we are using Mail Chimp for our mail list and emails. We have 140 on the list now. The last mailing all but 43 opened the email. One email bounced. We need to reach those 43 and other classmates that are not on the list. Tell other classmates to go to this website and click on the Subscribe to Newsletter on the home page. Thanks!
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