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April 21, 2008

Tickets for the "Prom"!

My wife keeps referring to the reunion as "the Prom."  As in, "How's your Prom coming along?"  I reply, "Just fine." So, I guess I am going to "the prom" alone as she stays in CA with our dog... :-)

Jimmy Perrin came out to CA to visit with me last week and we discussed ticket prices. We reviewed our costs and our donations (Thank You!!) and figured the ticket price should be $60. I’ll add a shopping cart to the website for online purchasing. Online price will be $65 which will cover the 8% fee charged by the shopping cart. You can mail your payment of $60/ticket (and save the $5 fee) to:
Make check payable to: Churchill Reunion 40
Mail to:
Churchill Reunion 40
P.O. Box 13024
Shawnee Mission, KS 66212
If mailing your check, include name of guest (spouse) if coming so we can prepare a name tag. I’ll post more info on purchasing tickets on a separate web page (coming soon). Someone asked, "Why Shawnee Mission, KS?" -- That's where Mark Landry lives and he set up the checking account at his bank for convenience... and opened a PO to keep reunion stuff separate.
We need a decorating committee! Any volunteers for chair or committee member? We would like committee to come up with decorating ideas for the banquet room and proposed budget. Then help decorate the room. Email me (Bob Richardson) if interested.
Getting close! Keep contacting people!!
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