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April 6, 2013

Reunion Date & Place

1967 Varsity Team
1967 Varsity Team
We are getting closer to nailing down the date and place! If Churchill is having a home football game 9/27 then we will have our reunion 9/28. If home game is 10/4 then the reunion will be 10/5.
The place will more than likely be the Rockville Hilton on Rockville Pike - downtown Rockville. It is much nicer than the Bethesda Doubletree and we can get a better deal. There is a metro station very close to hotel.
We are planning a group gathering at Churchill Friday evening to watch the home game and visit with each other... followed by an informal dinner/drinks at a local place so we can visit some more. Then Saturday, in lieu of a Picnic, we will find a place to meet for lunch - maybe Henry's in Potomac Village. Again, informal place to have fun and visit.
Once we can nail down the date, we will really get started on promoting and contacting everyone.
Also, to keep price as low as possible, we will be asking for donations from those that want to support the event and help the cause. :-)
Getting close... start making plans to attend and start spreading the word!
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