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May 22, 2013

Who's the King!?!

Marc "Top Dog" Fallow
Marc "Top Dog" Fallow
Marc Fallow, class of 1967, is the King! Or maybe we should call him the TOP DOG! Marc has gone above and beyond and donated $2,500 so we can have a 2 hr. open bar at the reunion! First hour will be Happy Hour - a great time to mingle, then we will enter the banquet room and have another hour of open bar - perfect for those that want wine with their meal (or whatever drink preferred). So THANK YOU Marc for being the TOP DOG and getting this reunion off to a great start!
Also many thanks to our other donors so far... Chris West Cataldo is the current high donor after Marc, with a very generous $525 donation! Right behind we have Dan Briddell & Mark Landry contributing $500 each for the cause. Bob Christmas is in for $300... Sallie Martin Foley, Debbie Stratton Mott, Jane Cunliff Aylor, Marjie Andrea Greenwood all pitched in $250 and Don Richardson (class of '69) is putting in $200 (my brother), and Lois Stoufer $100!. All told, we have $5,625 committed! Goal is $8,000 - so keep those donations coming!
Hail to the King - Marc Fallow!!
[Blog post by Bob Richardson]
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