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July 8, 2013

Reunion DC Excursion with Mark Landry

Korean War Memorial
Korean War Memorial
Dear Classmates,
I'm excited; my reservation is made coming in for a four day weekend Friday to Monday evening. I look forward to visiting with as many of you as possible. One regret from our last reunion was it was over as soon as it started. Sunday morning we were loading our cars, or taxis and saying good-byes too soon. 
Some of us thought we should "extend" the reunion with a cruise.  But the cruise liners wouldn't accommodate our schedule.  A cruise reunion would have to be by itself with no hotel weekend. 
Another option is to do a D.C. tour on Sunday. A chartered bus would pick us up at about 10 AM the Rockville Hilton and show us the newer monuments and offer a short cruise on the Potomac River with a box lunch. The excursion would last about 6 hours after which we would be returned to the hotel. On Board Tours offers this excursion for $90 plus 20% gratuity, or $108. 
We would need at least 20 people to make this happen. We would require a check for $108 for "Churchill Reunion" with "Sunday Tour" noted. One can pay by Pay Pal at an additional fee. If we have at least 20 we will plan this event on Sunday. Of course, for those flying, leaving Monday or later would be suggested.
For more information on the tour, please see the link:
Here's to the best reunion yet!
Mark Landry
P.S. If interested, use the Contact Us button on the left menu bar and tell Mark you may be interested and how many in your party.
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