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June 6, 2008

Names from the past!

Things are hopp'n! Been hearing from new, old people!! As we get closer (3 weeks!!) we are getting more RSVPs!

Do you remember Jill Spurway ('68)? Actually, Jill moved senior year, but was a cheerleader 10th & 11th grade... she's coming! Lois Stouffer ('68) is coming! How many remember Steve Oviatt ('68)? He just signed up. Johnny Webster going to try and make it... We can all "feel the love" when Dave Love blesses us with his presence! The big question on everyone's mind.... will Rob Blasdel make the reunion!!?? How 'bout Johnny Christmas? Johnny - you coming? How about your brother, Bobby?

Class of '67 is coming on strong! Ed Biggs, Marc Fallow are two new sign-ups! Anyone remember Kate Weisiger? She didn't even go to our school - went to Whitman - but wants to party with us! Kate dated Corky Fields in HS and hung out with a bunch of Churchill people (we're cooler than Whitman). B.J. (Betty) Hugueley Judd is dusting off her dancing shoes - getting ready to get down and party!

The party can now officially begin - Scott Carter ('68) just bought his ticket!! Carol Bell Freeman said she's ready to party! We even have a youngster, Ann Waggoner McCabe - class of '70 coming! (Kim Waggoner's sister).... 

RSVP list has surpassed 125... (we'll see how the paid ticket list goes!!)... If you are on the fence... (Kathy Garcia Pegues) ... now is the time to jump off! Tickets must be bought by June 19th! No sales at the door!
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