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October 6, 2013

Best Reunion Ever!!

2013 Reunion Group Shot by Bill & Claudia Seelig
2013 Reunion Group Shot by Bill & Claudia Seelig
Well, we did it! Great reunion! Lot of fun, lot of memories shared, and a lot of new memories made! We were all kids again for one weekend. We were literally "back in school" Friday night and at the football game Friday night. Although the Bulldogs lost to Wootton 0-41, we all had a great time and great BBQ!
Saturday night, we danced like a bunch of teenagers in a school gym - although we weren't quite teenagers, and we were at the Rockville Hilton - not the school gym. LOL
You can see pictures on my DropBox HERE
Stay tuned for more pictures, videos and more! Relive "The Best Reunion Ever!!"


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