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June 16, 2008

The Countdown Begins.... 12... 11....10

We are almost there! Last minute details are being worked out by several working behind the scenes! Donations continue to come in - thanks John Madert who mailed in a donation check today... and Frank Kelly who mailed his check last week... and to ALL who have donated!! Your donations kept ticket prices LOW!, financed Happy Hour!, paid for Memory Books (being printed after event), paid for Picnic - food and all!, paid for professional photographer to document event and take group picture!, paid for the decorations, and some other surprises we have for you! Thank You! It isn't too late if you want to donate and be part of this elite group! Click on Sponsorship link for details and to see who has graciously sent money to support this reunion!

We have 138 people that say they are coming... and about 110 paid for so far. When we first decided to "try" and get a reunion started... we were hoping to get 60 people to come!

New people keep signing up! Sue Meinke Walters - '68 class Valedictorian , Bobby Christmas - star wrestler, Jake Kreeger, and several others just in the last week!

For the record... my goal was to lose 10lbs. by reunion (I need to lose a lot more than that - but figured 10 would be easy!)... I guess just thinking about it doesn't work... just the opposite ... The more I thought about it the more I wanted to eat... I've gained 2lbs since setting my goal of losing 10!

The reunion countdown begins... 12... 11...10...
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