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June 20, 2008

So what's everyone wearing to the reunion?

I've had several people asking, what is attire for Sat. night? 
Answer is dressy casual. No ties!... well if you want to wear a tie you can... for guys; slacks, shirt, polo shirt, optional sport coat. For the ladies; summer dress, slacks/skirt & blouse, anything comfortable... The goal is to be relaxed and comfortable and have fun!

What is the parking arrangement at hotel?
Another question I've gotten. The hotel offers valet parking for $20 per day. (Sounds like a lot to me!)... I called hotel and they said there are public parking lots near hotel that offer metered parking... you need quarters. I was told, after 10:30 PM Fri. thru Mon. morning, parking is free at the meters. So you may want to bring A LOT of quarters to at least take you up to 10:30 PM if coming over Friday for the informal gathering at the hotel bar. I am assuming that Saturday night should be free in the Public Parking metered lots. Or just pay $20 and have hotel park your car. (You can call hotel to verify)

When does it start?
Sign-in starts at 6:00 PM, Sat. Happy Hour starts at 6:30 and goes till 7:30. Free drinks and hors d'oeuvres!! Group photo at 7:30 - don't miss this!!
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