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June 21, 2008

Late Ticket Purchases...

Hate to be a bad guy... and we want you to come... even if you just found out about the reunion or did not purchase your ticket by deadline.... But

If you did not purchase your ticket by the 6/19 deadline and still wish to attend, please notify us ASAP using Contact Us on menu to the left. There may be a surcharge due to caterer charging us more for late changes and budgeted contract commitments.

Our final budget is based on total ticket sales as of 6/19/08. Ticket prices are subsidized by our generous donors. We may not have the funds to subsidize late  ticket purchases after 6/20/08 due to contract commitments made based on sales as of 6/20. Full ticket price is $140. It is important to contact us ASAP if you have not purchased your ticket so we can determine our budget and if we have any funds left to subsidize late ticket purchase or if full price will apply.

We apologize if you did not receive our previous emails sent out regarding this or if you did not visit this website prior to today. Like I said, don't want to be a bad guy... do want you to come... but we may not be able to subsidize your ticket.
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