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July 15, 2008

Still here!

I've been remiss in updating this website... still playing catch up with my day job work! More pictures have been uploaded - check out the different albums. Mugzy McBride (and Larry McBride) just sent me a bunch of Potomac Elementary School pictures - I'll set up a new album and call it something clever like Potomac Elemenatary School pictures and upload shortly... see if you can pick out anyone!

Memory Book is just starting... took a little decompression time after the reunion. Something to look forward to getting in the mail in a couple months!

I've heard from Johnny "Curly" Webster and Claudia Ogle Cavallini... both regret not being able to attend but enjoy seeing the pictures on the website. They say "Hi!" to everyone. Jack & Jeannie Odbert Schulze also say "Hi!" and sorry they couldn't make it... but had a wedding to attend.

Also heard from Malon Metz - who was disappointed he found out too late about reunion. He lives in Georgia.

Upload your pictures or email to me and I will upload for you. Also, if you shot any video, upload to U-tube and send me the link - or send me your video and I will put on website.

I want to send a thanks out to Lynn Reiche Myers for donating to the reunion, knowing she couldn't make it. Thanks, Lynn! 

I should also note that Priscilla Walker Joyner donated Sponsor level knowing she was not able to attend - then later she thought she might be able to come - then her Italy trip prevented her from coming. Johnny Webster also donated Sponsor level prior to knowing he would come - then he was coming - then he couldn't make it. It goes to show you the type of classmates we had - willing to donate to help make the reunion a success for everyone, even though they themselves could not make it. Kudos to you all !!

If you have any comments - feel free to reply here on this blog or utilize the Message Board.
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