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July 29, 2008

30 days after...

Jimmy Perrin, Dave Shrum, Madelle Gott Tolbert, Leslie Cohn Wilson
Jimmy Perrin, Dave Shrum, Madelle Gott Tolbert, Leslie Cohn Wilson
Seems like yesterday... 
Slowly getting up to speed for Reunion Part 2. Which is putting together Memory Book and getting prints made of group photo. Thanks to those of you who have posted pictures in the photo albums! Jimmy Perrin sent me a CD with pictures - I will put up soon (that's what I said about the McBride's photos of Potomac Elementary classes!)... Now if I was retired like Rick Bartlett, Todd Theros, Jimmy Perrin, and Mike Kahn, things may get done a little faster. :-)

Keep sharing your pictures... still looking for videos... also seeing if I can get the slide show played at reunion on the website... pretty large file. Keep checking back to see what's new here. Leave comments on this blog or on Message Board.
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