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October 11, 2008

Order Memory Book & Photo Now!

Don't get too excited... we haven't finished the Memory Book or had prints made of the photo yet... but we are making progress! 
Being novices at organizing a reunion, we missed one important thing... gathering mailing address and phone numbers. I put a form on the site "Order Memory Book" so we can gather your info. to put in Memory Book (with your permission) and to mail out Memory Book and Photo to you. Please click on the link and fill in your information. Thanks!

Looks like Leslie Cohn Wilson, Mike & Margaret Blume, and Mark & Gloria Myers got together in San Francisco last week for a Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. Leslie sent in 2 photos which I put in the Classmate Photo Album.

Hope this economic crisis isn't putting a damper on some of you retirees - Rick Bartlett, Tod Theros, Mike Kahn, Jimmy Perrin, and others! Fill out the Poll on this website... let us know if it is affecting you.
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