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August 5, 2013

Getting Close!

Our favorite teacher, Larry Jeweler, will be on a ship in the Black Sea on the date of our reunion. He was disappointed he and his wife, Sue, would not be able to attend.
If you know of any teacher or staff that may like to attend this historical event, let me know. Teachers or staff can attend free as our VIP guests.
July 23, 2013

Online Ticket Price Reduced!!

We have reduced the ticket price for online purchase from $82/ticket to $78/ticket. We (the reunion) will absorb 1/2 the online fee. Obviously, we prefer you mail us a check, but to make it as convenient as possible for you, we wanted to keep online ticket prices as affordable as possible. Thank the donors!!


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July 10, 2013

Two Months 11 Days...

The countdown to FUN begins!

We all need to spend a few minutes and contact old HS friends to make sure they know about the reunion Sept. 21.
If everyone made one post a week on Facebook, we would reach more people because we all don't have the same list of friends on Facebook...
Just a simple post: (Copy - Paste)
Churchill High School Reunion September 21, 2013!! Class of '67 & '68 - other classes also invited... see the website for more info! See you there!
If we all posted that every few days or every week, it will help make this "The Best Reunion Ever!!"
July 8, 2013

Reunion DC Excursion with Mark Landry

Korean War Memorial
Korean War Memorial
Dear Classmates,
I'm excited; my reservation is made coming in for a four day weekend Friday to Monday evening. I look forward to visiting with as many of you as possible. One regret from our last reunion was it was over as soon as it started. Sunday morning we were loading our cars, or taxis and saying good-byes too soon. 
Some of us thought we should "extend" the reunion with a cruise.  But the cruise liners wouldn't accommodate our schedule.  A cruise reunion would have to be by itself with no hotel weekend. 
Another option is to do a D.C. tour on Sunday. A chartered bus would pick us up at about 10 AM the Rockville Hilton and show us the newer monuments and offer a short cruise on the Potomac River with a box lunch. The excursion would last about 6 hours after which we would be returned to the hotel. On Board Tours offers this excursion for $90 plus 20% gratuity, or $108. 
We would need at least 20 people to make this happen. W...
July 7, 2013

A Visit with Sallie Martin by Mark Landry

On a short trip to upper Michigan  I remembered to check on Sallie Martin's where-abouts. Turns out she was close by and at their summer cabin on Torch Lake. We Kayaked and gathered the fossilized corral, "Petoskey stones". Her cabin is in the background.
Mark Landry
June 24, 2013

Tickets Now on Sale!

We highly recommend mailing a check for your ticket purchase. This site charges $7 to process online purchases.
Ticket prices are $75 if paid by check or $82 if paid online (includes fees).
Thank the donors/sponsors of this event. Without them, ticket price would be double and event not as nice! Without our donors cost would be about $140/ticket. Costs add up fast - hotel banquet room, 2 hr. open bar, DJ, full buffet dinner & dessert, decorations, do-dads, name tags, posters, etc..
Then again, you can't put a price tag on fun and lifetime memories!
To save the $7 online fee, you can mail your check for $75/ticket - made payable to: Churchill Reunion 40.
Mail to:
Churchill Reunion
P.O. Box 12553
Overland Park, KS 66282

If paying by check, make sure to include guests (spouse) name for nametags. Include your maiden name and graduating class.

The online service is for your convenience so you can cha...
May 30, 2013

Subscribe to our eNewsletter!

Anyone that is NOT currently receiving our Class of '67 & '68 Alumni e-newsletter PLEASE subscribe now!
You can subscribe here.
Don't miss out on reunion updates, who's coming, new happenings, general gossip. You can always Unsubscribe if you decide you want off the list. We will be emailing the newsletter more frequently as we get closer to the reunion date (9/21/13).
May 22, 2013

Who's the King!?!

Marc "Top Dog" Fallow
Marc "Top Dog" Fallow
Marc Fallow, class of 1967, is the King! Or maybe we should call him the TOP DOG! Marc has gone above and beyond and donated $2,500 so we can have a 2 hr. open bar at the reunion! First hour will be Happy Hour - a great time to mingle, then we will enter the banquet room and have another hour of open bar - perfect for those that want wine with their meal (or whatever drink preferred). So THANK YOU Marc for being the TOP DOG and getting this reunion off to a great start!
Also many thanks to our other donors so far... Chris West Cataldo is the current high donor after Marc, with a very generous $525 donation! Right behind we have Dan Briddell & Mark Landry contributing $500 each for the cause. Bob Christmas is in for $300... Sallie Martin Foley, Debbie Stratton Mott, Jane Cunliff Aylor, Marjie Andrea Greenwood all pitched in $250 and Don Richardson (class of '69) is putting in $200 (my brother), and Lois Stoufer $100!. All told, we have $5,625 committed! Go...
May 8, 2013

"Homecoming" Reunion!

It's official! We are having a reunion 9/21 - theme to be Homecoming to go with the Friday night football game (Churchill vs. Wootton).
Start planning on coming and tell others. All classes are invited although officially, this will be Class of '67 & '68 reunion.
Keep checking this website for updates and make sure you are on the mailing list (see subscribe to newsletter on home page).
We need to reach out and find those not on our mail list. Tell whoever you know from Churchill about this reunion. This is a great excuse to track down your old girlfriend or boyfriend to tell them about the reunion!
Let's make this a Party to Remember!!!
April 6, 2013

Reunion Date & Place

1967 Varsity Team
1967 Varsity Team
We are getting closer to nailing down the date and place! If Churchill is having a home football game 9/27 then we will have our reunion 9/28. If home game is 10/4 then the reunion will be 10/5.
The place will more than likely be the Rockville Hilton on Rockville Pike - downtown Rockville. It is much nicer than the Bethesda Doubletree and we can get a better deal. There is a metro station very close to hotel.
We are planning a group gathering at Churchill Friday evening to watch the home game and visit with each other... followed by an informal dinner/drinks at a local place so we can visit some more. Then Saturday, in lieu of a Picnic, we will find a place to meet for lunch - maybe Henry's in Potomac Village. Again, informal place to have fun and visit.
Once we can nail down the date, we will really get started on promoting and contacting everyone.
Also, to keep price as low as possible, we will be asking for donations from those that...
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