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January 8, 2013

Tony Hugueley Killed in Auto Accident

Tony Hugueley, class of 1967, was in an auto accident Jan. 6, 2013. He was driving his restored 1956 Chevy when he ran off the road in FL and crashed into a tree. He died the following day, Jan. 7th. They think he may have suffered a heart attack at the wheel which caused him to veer off into the tree. Tony was married to Suzi Reus Hugueley (class of '68). Tony's sister, BJ Hugueley Judd also attended Churchill class of '67.

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December 18, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Well, that was a fast year! Hope it was a good one for everyone! Starting next year we will really get serious about working on the reunion. So much for polls... looks like most wanted reunion before July. Unfortunately, I don't think that will happen. Time flies by so fast, just not enough time to plan it by then. Probably looking at a mid to late September date. We will let you know once Mark Landry checks available dates.

One suggestion that got a favorable response was to see if we can plan it around a home Churchill HS football game. We can go to the game as a group (like the good 'ole days) and then go out for drinks after the game (like the good 'ole days!). It's a thought on the table.

Just to put some rumors to rest - I've been in contact with Jean Ziegler (Guida) and she and her twin sister Patty are both alive and doing well. Somewhere a rumor got started that Patty had passed away. Glad that was just a rumor!!

Wishing you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HO...
August 31, 2012

We renewed this website for 5 more years

This site was up for renewal a few days ago... we took advantage of a 50% discount and reupped for 5 more years which will take us to our 50th (& 51st) reunion! Man, I don't feel that old!

Holidays are here... and due to time running out, I doubt we can put together a decent reunion in the next few months. So, we are looking at July - October dates. We will keep you posted. Mark Landry will check with hotel for available dates.

After the holidays we will start getting more proactive on the reunion. Several classmates have volunteered to help out - I think this will be a dynamite reunion that you won't want to miss!
August 31, 2012

Lynda Cowan Passed Away...

I was just told that Lynda Cowan, class of '68 passed away last Sunday (August 26, 2012). I don't have details except her husband, Joel, told me she had suffered from chronic illnesses for some time and has been in quite a lot of pain... and is now at rest.

I had been in touch with Lynda through Facebook, email, and by phone over the last few years. She never mentioned her illnesses. You can view her profile under Classmates (search Lynda).
August 31, 2012

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Mail Chimp
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Don't worry, we won't bombard you with emails. But as we get closer to the reunion we want to share dates, times, etc. with you. You can always come to this site for more information, but out of sight out of mind. Our emails are just another way for us to remind you about the reunion.

If not sure you are on the list or not, sign up - if you are on the list you will get a pop-up saying your are already on the list. If you received the last email saying we are starting to plan the 2013 reunion, then you are on the list.

For the curious techies... we are using Mail Chimp for our mail list and emails. We have 140 on the list now. The last mailing all but 43 opened the email. One email bounced. We need to reach those 43 and other classmates that are not on the list. Tell other classmates to go to this website and c...
August 26, 2012

REUNION 2013!!!

We are getting revved up for a spectacular 45 & 46 reunion next year!
Can you believe we are all in our 60s? Wow! and SS age to boot! Well, these old foggies from the 60s know how to party! And we need your input for our next reunion... so go to the POLL link on the side and click away.

Some suggested a cruise at the last reunion... this would give more time to visit. Mark Landry did some preliminary checking and it looks like most of the cruises out of Baltimore to the Bahamas are for 7 days and I think he said leaves on Saturday. Which would mean we would cruise (optional) a week before and come back (hopefully relaxed) on the following Saturday for the actual reunion. Sound like a lot to me... what do you think?

Any other suggestions as to other activities so we can have more time to hang out and visit? Sight Seeing Tour of DC? Baltimore?

I sent out an email blast. If you did not receive it, you probably are not on the email list. Email me (Bob Richardson) at bob@rwrmar...
September 12, 2011


Mark Landry proves that miracles do happen... with a little bit of hard work! With the help of his son, Mark Landry has put together an amazing 75 page, full color memory book of our 40th & 41st class reunion held June 28. 2008. It has classmate bios, before & after pics, demographics of where everyone is now, comments from classmates, memorial page, fun facts, and more!

We also have the class picture ready - a group shot of all in attendance. 8x11.75 color photo. See if you can name everyone in the photo!

The Memory Book & Photo are FREE to all that purchased a ticket to the reunion and $20 contribution that will go towards our next reunion for anyone else that would like a copy. These are collector items! Priceless!

We have most attendees addresses that were used in 2008 when you signed up or 2009 if you completed the Order Memory Book link on left side. I took addresses from the Classmate page of this site, so if you updated your address information on the site, it should...
April 3, 2011

We're still here!

Kay Kavanaugh Winkler's book.
Kay Kavanaugh Winkler's book.
It has been a LONG time since posting here... this site is still here and your source of info on class happenings...
Not a lot going on (that I know of) to report. Class of '71 is having their 40th reunion this Oct. 14 - 16... find out more here. Kay Kavenaugh Winkler published her first children's book a few months ago... title "The Creepy Tree". Featured in USA Book News and can be purchased here. I (Bob Richardson) vacationed in Charleston, SC last summer with my brother Don Richardson - and hooked up with Peggy Curry Watt for dinner while there. She & her husband relocated from Annapolis to Charleston. Dave Shrum, who relocated to Huntsville, AL a couple years ago, retired last month... then 3 weeks later decided to go back to work (got an offer he couldn't refuse, I guess)... I heard from Dave Rogers in Alaska... sounds like all is well up there - he lives near George Reifenstein. Jill Spurway lives further north in Palin territory - Wasilla, Alaska.
March 12, 2010

Big Birthday Year for Class of '68!

Mike (Smitty) Smith
Mike (Smitty) Smith
Who would've thought we'd be this old! Most everyone in Class of '68 has turned or will turn 60 this year! Class of '67 is already there.... For some reason, 60 doesn't seem that old any more. Unless I look in the mirror, I could swear I was much younger!

How about you? Do you feel like you thought 60 would feel? Leave a comment on this blog.

Not much class news to report. Karen Kessecker Shellenberger emailed me a couple weeks ago... she's coming out to CA next Feb. Got me thinking that maybe we should have a little West Coast party next Feb. Let me know if interested. Last year Karen came out and Christy Hyler, Steve Lane, and Karen met at my house for dinner. Party in S. CA next Feb??

Mike (Smitty) Smith emailed me a couple weeks ago... actually, he forwarded an email about strokes... Just emailing is an accomplishment for Mike!... emailing about strokes goes with the title of this blog!

Look me up on Facebook []- there are about 30+ clas...
September 28, 2009

Mary Leffler (Walker) Passed Away


Hi Bob,


I’m sorry to share this very sad news (and am not sure if you’ve already heard) but Mary Leffler Walker passed away on September 19th.   Carol O’Connell Harman and I attended her funeral service in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware on Saturday.  Here is the obituary: 


Mary Louise Leffler Walker
Beloved mother and inspirational educator Mary Louise Leffler Walker died September 19th in Colorado after a long, scrappy struggle with breast cancer. She was 58.
In Colorado, West Virginia and Delaware, Mary taught special education, won teaching awards and worked as a school principal. In addition to her passion for helping children learn, Mary could light up a room with her dazzling smile and infectious laugh.
Mary is survived by her three children, Kristie Betts Letter (husband Bobby), Nathan Walker (wife Melissa) and Jonathan Kim Walker; grandchildren Ella Rose Walker, Madeleine Louise Sargent, Penelope Mary Letter, Shane Kelly, Briannah Letter, and Kade Let...

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