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August 16, 2009


Where are they now?
Where are they now?
Check out the new poll on Healthcare... share the link with your friends so we can get more feedback to see what others are thinking. Got a poll question you want to add? Let me (Bob Richardson) know... Your feedback is always welcomed! Use the Contact Us form or email me directly.

Also check out the NEW "Where are they now" map - get to it from the Classmates page... click on "Where are they now" button. If you've moved in last year, update your address on your profile.
July 22, 2009

Running in Alaska

Mark Landry (rt) & Jill Spurway Carricaburu - Wasilla, Alaska
Mark Landry (rt) & Jill Spurway Carricaburu - Wasilla, Alaska
 Mark Landry just sent me this picture of him (right), Jill Spurway Carricaburu (center) and Mark's running buddy Charlie (lft). Taken in Wasilla, Alaska. Mark was in town running in a Marathon (he travels the globe running) and hooked up with Jill. Jill went to Churchill but left Senior year (class of 68)... she considers herself a Bulldog to the end - even if she didn't graduate with us. Jill (Spurway) attended our 40th reunion last year and won the prize for traveling the farthest -- beating out George Reifenstein who flew in from Juneau, Alaska. Guess who else is from Wasilla? (hint - she didn't go to school with us and just quit her day job). Jill just added her profile on the Classmate page - check it out.

Barbara Norcross Peckham is on a mission... she is working on THE Plan - which includes purchasing a pickup truck, a travel trailer, maps of the country... She is planning a road trip. You go girl! Follow her adventure on FaceBook.

Just heard from Jimmy Perrin......
July 6, 2009

Where are they now?

Just added a new feature to this site... Where Are They Now .... go to the "Classmates" page and click on "Where are they now?" button... you will get a map of the country and list of names (that filled out their profile) - click on a name and see where they live (city & state).
July 6, 2009

Has it been a year already!?

Priscilla Walker (Joyner) & Mark Landry Prom
Priscilla Walker (Joyner) & Mark Landry Prom
Holy calendar, Batman! Hard to believe just over a year ago was the reunion! I know many of us have hooked up on Facebook. And many of us have gotten together after the reunion with long lost HS friends. I know I enjoy getting your emails - even if they are saying, "Where the heck is the Memory Book!?".

Regarding the Memory Book... we figured the longer we wait, the more you will forget, then when you do get the book (still not completed), it will mean more to you. If you got it too soon after the reunion, you'd thumb through it, then stick it somewhere, and that would be that... this way you'll jump up and down with joy just to receive it and then realize how much you forgot about the reunion, and then want to keep it on your coffee table to reflect back on. :-)

Don't have much class news to report... that I know of. I know I owe Cathy Baker Schafer a beer (or chi tea) because she caught more fish on her fishing trip than I did... Also heard from Priscilla Walker Joyner - sh...
March 1, 2009

The Fun Continues

Bob, Steve, Karen & Christie
Bob, Steve, Karen & Christie
Wow! Been a long time since I wrote something here! Doesn't mean things aren't happening (just means I'm lazy!).
A few weeks ago, Karen Kesecker Shellenberger and her husband, John and daughter, Michele were in town (meaning in S. CA) and we got together at my house for a BBQ. Christie Hyler Volanski and her husband, another John, drove up from San Diego, and Steve Lane came down from Marina del Rey. We had a great time catching up - since we didn't get to talk at reunion... and Michele volunteered to be bar tender and made some mean Cosmos!! Posted a few pictures in the Classmate Album.

Andy Hatch sent me a couple pictures he found while sifting through some old stuff... one pic is Andy, Jim Kirch, & me at the beach (I assume OC). Another is Jimmy Perrin at the beach. I just put these pics on Classmate album.

Pope Burr sent me some PDF files of some old Churchill documents that are interesting... I'm still figuring out best way to get those up on site as PDFs along with...
December 9, 2008

New Photo Album Added

Barbara Norcross
Barbara Norcross
Hi all! The reunion is long past and we are all getting ready for the holidays... To help keep some of the reunion memories alive, I added a new photo album with Debbie Latta's (professional photographer) candid shots taken during Happy Hour. Check it out.

I'm still hearing from old classmates that were not at the reunion. Beverly Caywood, the main organizer of our 20th reunion, found this website (thanks to Dave Shrum (20th reunion committee member)... Bev said she wished she had known about reunion, but is all in for the next one.

Deb Hoffman is another that missed the reunion but found this website... even added a profile on the Classmate page. Check it out.

Marianne Sinclar found me on FaceBook thanks to Barb Norcross. Visit - there is a little reunion going on there... I'm "friends" with Marianne, Barb, Merle Ladd, Susan Baker, Deb Hoffman, Priscilla Walker, Kathy Hintz and some others... check it out and add us as friends! Marianne looks great (based o...
October 11, 2008

Order Memory Book & Photo Now!

Don't get too excited... we haven't finished the Memory Book or had prints made of the photo yet... but we are making progress! 
Being novices at organizing a reunion, we missed one important thing... gathering mailing address and phone numbers. I put a form on the site "Order Memory Book" so we can gather your info. to put in Memory Book (with your permission) and to mail out Memory Book and Photo to you. Please click on the link and fill in your information. Thanks!

Looks like Leslie Cohn Wilson, Mike & Margaret Blume, and Mark & Gloria Myers got together in San Francisco last week for a Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. Leslie sent in 2 photos which I put in the Classmate Photo Album.

Hope this economic crisis isn't putting a damper on some of you retirees - Rick Bartlett, Tod Theros, Mike Kahn, Jimmy Perrin, and others! Fill out the Poll on this website... let us know if it is affecting you.
July 29, 2008

30 days after...

Jimmy Perrin, Dave Shrum, Madelle Gott Tolbert, Leslie Cohn Wilson
Jimmy Perrin, Dave Shrum, Madelle Gott Tolbert, Leslie Cohn Wilson
Seems like yesterday... 
Slowly getting up to speed for Reunion Part 2. Which is putting together Memory Book and getting prints made of group photo. Thanks to those of you who have posted pictures in the photo albums! Jimmy Perrin sent me a CD with pictures - I will put up soon (that's what I said about the McBride's photos of Potomac Elementary classes!)... Now if I was retired like Rick Bartlett, Todd Theros, Jimmy Perrin, and Mike Kahn, things may get done a little faster. :-)

Keep sharing your pictures... still looking for videos... also seeing if I can get the slide show played at reunion on the website... pretty large file. Keep checking back to see what's new here. Leave comments on this blog or on Message Board.
July 23, 2008

Time to start sharing!

Greg Hanten, Rick Bartlett, Jimmy Perrin, Greg Winn, Andy Hatch
Greg Hanten, Rick Bartlett, Jimmy Perrin, Greg Winn, Andy Hatch
I saw a lot of digital camera's firing away at the reunion... we all would love to see some more photos of that weekend! 

Several ways to share:
1. Upload them to this website - put in appropriate album. Click on Photo Album to get started.
2. Upload to a web photo site such as Kodak, Shutterfly, Photobucket - then email me the link to your online album - I'll post the link on the website.
3. Email me some of your shots - I will post on the website. Make sure to reduce the file size to email size... email or call me and I will help walk you through the process if unfamiliar.
4. Mail me your camera memory card - or burn images to CD and mail me the CD. I will mail your memory card back to you.

Let's see what you got! Also looking for any video shot during the reunion!

My email is (Bobby Richardson).
July 15, 2008

Still here!

I've been remiss in updating this website... still playing catch up with my day job work! More pictures have been uploaded - check out the different albums. Mugzy McBride (and Larry McBride) just sent me a bunch of Potomac Elementary School pictures - I'll set up a new album and call it something clever like Potomac Elemenatary School pictures and upload shortly... see if you can pick out anyone!

Memory Book is just starting... took a little decompression time after the reunion. Something to look forward to getting in the mail in a couple months!

I've heard from Johnny "Curly" Webster and Claudia Ogle Cavallini... both regret not being able to attend but enjoy seeing the pictures on the website. They say "Hi!" to everyone. Jack & Jeannie Odbert Schulze also say "Hi!" and sorry they couldn't make it... but had a wedding to attend.

Also heard from Malon Metz - who was disappointed he found out too late about reunion. He lives in Georgia.

Upload your pictures or email...
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