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July 1, 2008

We did it!!

Don't know about you, but I had a blast!! It was so good to see everyone. My only complaint was there wasn't enough time to visit with everyone!!

Thanks again to all the donors and committee people and others that pitched in to help pull this off! And to Larry Jeweler for being there for us back then and now!

Start sharing your pictures! Pick your best shots and upload to the Photo Albums. (make sure to chose the right album.) You can also email me your photos, or mail on CD. We will pick the best of the best for the Memory Book!
June 24, 2008

Wow! Almost time!!

Anticipation may be the word! Will I recognize people when I walk in the hotel? Will people recognize me? I'll probably be going up to strangers saying, "Churchill?" Maybe we should have a hand signal to avoid embarrassment.  Like pull on your left earlobe. That way, if you see an old person walking toward you, you pull on your ear, if they do the same you stop and make introductions. Ha! may work... but only if you read this...

Rain Plan B: If it is raining, picnic is being moved to Katie Radford Gorman's home - which is near Seneca Creek Park. I will email everyone her cell # to use if it is raining and you need info. I will also try and post last minute updates here. If it only looks like rain - picnic at park as planned. There is large covered area just in case.

Picnic is FREE (thanks to our donors!) and all are invited... even if you can not make the evening gala, you are still invited to come to the picnic. Food and drinks will be provided. If you want to grill, we will provi...
June 21, 2008

Late Ticket Purchases...

Hate to be a bad guy... and we want you to come... even if you just found out about the reunion or did not purchase your ticket by deadline.... But

If you did not purchase your ticket by the 6/19 deadline and still wish to attend, please notify us ASAP using Contact Us on menu to the left. There may be a surcharge due to caterer charging us more for late changes and budgeted contract commitments.

Our final budget is based on total ticket sales as of 6/19/08. Ticket prices are subsidized by our generous donors. We may not have the funds to subsidize late  ticket purchases after 6/20/08 due to contract commitments made based on sales as of 6/20. Full ticket price is $140. It is important to contact us ASAP if you have not purchased your ticket so we can determine our budget and if we have any funds left to subsidize late ticket purchase or if full price will apply.

We apologize if you did not receive our previous emails sent out regarding this or if you did not visit this website pri...
June 20, 2008

So what's everyone wearing to the reunion?

I've had several people asking, what is attire for Sat. night? 
Answer is dressy casual. No ties!... well if you want to wear a tie you can... for guys; slacks, shirt, polo shirt, optional sport coat. For the ladies; summer dress, slacks/skirt & blouse, anything comfortable... The goal is to be relaxed and comfortable and have fun!

What is the parking arrangement at hotel?
Another question I've gotten. The hotel offers valet parking for $20 per day. (Sounds like a lot to me!)... I called hotel and they said there are public parking lots near hotel that offer metered parking... you need quarters. I was told, after 10:30 PM Fri. thru Mon. morning, parking is free at the meters. So you may want to bring A LOT of quarters to at least take you up to 10:30 PM if coming over Friday for the informal gathering at the hotel bar. I am assuming that Saturday night should be free in the Public Parking metered lots. Or just pay $20 and have hotel park your car. (You can call hotel to verify)

June 16, 2008

The Countdown Begins.... 12... 11....10

We are almost there! Last minute details are being worked out by several working behind the scenes! Donations continue to come in - thanks John Madert who mailed in a donation check today... and Frank Kelly who mailed his check last week... and to ALL who have donated!! Your donations kept ticket prices LOW!, financed Happy Hour!, paid for Memory Books (being printed after event), paid for Picnic - food and all!, paid for professional photographer to document event and take group picture!, paid for the decorations, and some other surprises we have for you! Thank You! It isn't too late if you want to donate and be part of this elite group! Click on Sponsorship link for details and to see who has graciously sent money to support this reunion!

We have 138 people that say they are coming... and about 110 paid for so far. When we first decided to "try" and get a reunion started... we were hoping to get 60 people to come!

New people keep signing up! Sue Meinke Walters - '68 class...
June 11, 2008

Hotel Room Rates Locked In Until June 18th!

Quick note. We have a block of rooms reserved for reunion people at a guaranteed rate of $99/night. Mention the Churchill Reunion to get this rate. This rate is guaranteed until June 18th. Limited availability - first come first serve. After 6/18 remaining rooms in our block are released and full rates apply.

You may be able to save even more by checking their website for current "deals" or specials. Also try AAA or AARP discounts. I just checked today's rate on their website and lowest was $107/night - avg. $140/night. (click here to go to their website)

Check their ads... they were advertising $82/night. As hotel fills, rates go up. If you think you want to spend the night Saturday night - book now while there are still Churchill Reunion rooms left at $99!
June 6, 2008

Names from the past!

Things are hopp'n! Been hearing from new, old people!! As we get closer (3 weeks!!) we are getting more RSVPs!

Do you remember Jill Spurway ('68)? Actually, Jill moved senior year, but was a cheerleader 10th & 11th grade... she's coming! Lois Stouffer ('68) is coming! How many remember Steve Oviatt ('68)? He just signed up. Johnny Webster going to try and make it... We can all "feel the love" when Dave Love blesses us with his presence! The big question on everyone's mind.... will Rob Blasdel make the reunion!!?? How 'bout Johnny Christmas? Johnny - you coming? How about your brother, Bobby?

Class of '67 is coming on strong! Ed Biggs, Marc Fallow are two new sign-ups! Anyone remember Kate Weisiger? She didn't even go to our school - went to Whitman - but wants to party with us! Kate dated Corky Fields in HS and hung out with a bunch of Churchill people (we're cooler than Whitman). B.J. (Betty) Hugueley Judd is dusting off her dancing shoes - getting ready to get...
June 2, 2008

Tickets must be purchased by June 19th!

Don't feel bad if you still haven't purchased your ticket! I just sent my money in last week... But... if you haven't bought your ticket, DO IT NOW!!! We have to let hotel know by June 20th how many are coming. If we change the number after that date we get charged extra!

Go to BUY TICKETS link to purchase online NOW or for info on mailing a check.

Note: There are no actual tickets... so don't keep checking your mailbox and getting worried! We will have a sign-in list at Registration Table with a list of all that paid.
May 26, 2008

A Trip Down Memory Lane with Rob Blasdel

Rob Blasdel (31)
Rob Blasdel (31)
Take a trip down memory lane behind the wheel of Rob Blasdel's car... check out Rob's blog, see how many names and places you recognize as Rob takes you back in time to the "good 'ole days!"

Click here to read his story.
May 25, 2008

Fallen Classmates

Please let us know if you know of deceased classmates not included on the In Memoriam page... Also feel free to send comments to add to that page and details of the death, if known.

Contact us either by email (, Fallen Classmate page, or Contact Us page. 

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